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EQUIP Network

Adults preparing for ministry can earn graduate or undergraduate credit while studying in their church through participation with The EQUIP Network. The EQUIP Network is a part of the Distance Learning office of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. According to SEBTS, “The EQUIP Network weds the seminary experience with real life ministry opportunities to provide students with the most integrative ministry training available. Students can fulfill their remaining degree requirements at SEBTS through integrative online, hybrid and/or campus-based classes.”

Working Outdoors

EQUIP courses enable ministry leaders to provide theological training to credit seeking students as well as non-credit seeking staff, deacons, small group leaders, and lay people.


EQUIP courses are  offered every Spring, Summer, and Fall semester. EQUIP courses can be applied to degree programs at SEBTS. The M.A. in Christian Ministry [Mentored] (49 hours) can be earned with 24 credit hours taken in EQUIP courses and 25 credit hours taken in online courses with SEBTS (25 hours). EQUIP courses also can be taken for Graduate Certificate credit at one-third the cost of graduate tuition.


The courses meet via Zoom this on Saturday mornings from 10:00 am to Noon. Students who desire graduate credit need to apply to become a student at SEBTS. Students may also take the courses without credit for lifelong learning and ministry skill development.


The EQUIP Network faculty in the MWBC include:


Lenard Tavernelli, DMin                Discipleship

Aaron Ramquist, DMin                  Missions

Aaron Sturgill, DMin                      Preaching, Counseling

Clint Calvert, DMin                        Leadership, Preaching


Contact Clint Calvert for more information on the EQUIP Network.

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